Shri.N.Nagaraju Regional Officer, CBSE, Chennai Region.


“The education is for transformation and the education is for better living” - These are all things decided in the area of developing education. Now in this respect, you are the people who can intimate your school and teachers regarding how to do all those things to give quality education to the students.
The cultural activities take a dominant role particularly in imparting education to the people of the society. In IPS, a lot has been achieved in keeping with the Policies & guidelines of CBSE in both curricular and co curricular activities.
CBSE is not only taking a leading role in the development of education in India but also in abroad. In Moscow, we have CBSE Schools where question paper through diplomatic bank is being administered. Like that, only one question paper should be administered throughout India and even in abroad. Your children should compete with that examination and achieve success. They have to come up in such a way that they are recognized in all India level and international level.
CBSE will give 0.1% merit certificate to those who come up in the all India level examination . Therefore, my dear parents and students, you have to decide and to be ready for a tough competition.
You have already seen that the Indian Public School has started following the complete CBSE course and evaluation pattern in both scholastic and Non scholastic subjects to prepare the students to get success in all India level for which teachers,parents and the students should work together.
I congratulate the Principal for the achievements of the school during recent years and the Managing Trustee Shri.K.M. Patil for starting the CBSE school in this area and providing opportunity for the people. I also join my hands with you all to encourage the school to march further to become one of the best schools in the city.
Thank you,